Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Inspection

Chris, Bob and I met up with John, a representative of Home Team Inspection Service, today at the future site of Chris and Callie's home. :-) John did a very thorough inspection and was extremely informative and helpful. Happily, there were no surprises or major problems found with the house. He gave us several suggestions for minor improvements we could make on the house to help with energy efficiency and keeping things in good shape, but there really wasn't anything that that had to be done, aside from the sellers getting the trim and garage painted, and a railing put on the front steps. All in all, though, he seemed pretty impressed with all the improvements made on the house in the last few years: new roof, less-than-1-year-old furnace and central air, new electrical, copper pipes throughout ... and the list goes on.

I'm extremely happy to hear that we don't need to run away screaming from our future new home. We're also having a radon test done, which we'll hear the results of on Monday, but I'm pretty sure that will be fine.

I took some more pictures, but it sounds like my water is boiling now, so I better get to it. Chris and I are going to Ithaca tonight to spend Friday at Cornell's annual "Slope Day." Should be lots of fun. Pictures and more updates to come.