Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New prospects

Well, I don't think there's need to worry about the yardless wonder of a house from yesterday anymore. Bob and I scouted out several more homes today, and found two that we're going to bring Chris to tomorrow, (one is pictured right). I also just found another online that's in the same subdivision as one of them, so maybe we'll check out all three. Of the two I saw today, though, both are really nice.

As per usual, however, today my favorite was one of the older, cheaper ones (relatively speaking). If nothing else, Chris can't complain that I have expensive taste. haha I did rule out the farmhouse that was built in 1835, so I can't really say the older the better; but age is generally a plus in my book. There's just something about some of the older homes. I love their character. All the squeaks and knicked up woodwork. They have a personality, a story to tell.

The fun part is that Chris tends to lean toward the motto of the newer the better. He likes clean lines and no cracks. I think we balance each other out well, though. If he didn't weigh in, I'd probably pick out a house on the verge of toppling over, and then where would we be? And I guess I help him realize that a few small repairs doesn't neccessarily have to stand in the way of bidding on a great house. See? Compromise is a wonderful thing.

The love of my today is this yellow Cape Cod built in 1930. It's the perfect size, has a nice yard, and it's a little quirky. The ceilings in the hallway upstairs are probably only a few inches taller than 6 feet high. lol It's funny things like that, I think, that make me really fall in love with a particular house. Just like people, I believe you have to love a house for its flaws.

Unlike people, though, I love getting to make a list of all things I'm going to change about a house if I move in. (Not something I recommend doing to people. haha) In a house, some flaws add personality while other flaws are makeover projects waiting to happen. haha I don't think I would be happy moving into a house that was already painted in lovely colors and didn't have any room for improvement. Where's the fun in that?