Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who stole the yard?

Just looked at a new house on the market. By far the nicest one I've seen inside, and it's not even the most expensive! Beautiful kitchen, gorgeous new bathroom, big living room, 4 good size bedrooms. Really just fantastic inside. But the outside just breaks my heart. There is no yard. Technically, yes, there is a small front yard and a little square backyard which is entirely hidden behind the 2-car garage. And of course, all the houses around this house have nice size backyards. I think they must have all conspired together when the seller put the house up for sale and moved all their fences to make their own yards bigger. lol

It quite a dilemma, though, because that's at the top of the list of "Things You Can't Do Anything About." Bad carpet, ugly kitchen, unfinished attic; these are things I could work with. A little creativity and investing some money in it can erase these problems. But the world's smallest yard? The only thing you could do about that is complain. :-/