Monday, February 6, 2012

The Great Bookcase Project Continues (Part 2)

Spurred on by a very messy house, Chris and I finally decided to dedicate a little time to getting the great bookcase project finished up. In the interest of saving time and possibly reusing these bookcases in a future home, we decided not to take the Dremmel to the lower bottom portions of the bookcases. This would have made them stand flush against the wall with cutouts for the large baseboard trim, but we came up with a decent alternative: move the bookcases to the back wall so you can't see that they're not flush against the wall. Ta da!

This is still an in-progress picture. We've attached a few of the MDF shelves to supplement the wood shelves that were already in place, but still have a few shelves to go. You can see Oreo is laying on one such shelf, generously offering to test it for durability. We are now 100% certain the new shelves can old up to 11 pounds. haha

Oh Meowface.

Here you can see that we have all the new shelves attached. Can you spot the MDF ones? Yeah, we can't either.
  I didn't patch the electronics holes that the previous owner cut in the back panels because I'm hoping once these bad boys are all loaded up, you won't even be able to see them. If they are a problem, I'll have to go back and patch them up.

We only goofed up on one shelf, but luckily it was one we installed behind the cabinet doors, so you can't see just how crooked it is unless you open the cabinet doors. It still does it's job ... as long as we don't store marbles on it. hahah

The right bookcase looks really crammed up against the window in the picture, but it's really about 6" away. I might end up splitting the curtains in half so a panel hangs on each side of the window and you can see more of the pretty pattern in the room.

You can see that's there a couple feet between the tops of the bookcases and the ceiling. I've already got plans to display some of my pretty birdcages up there.

Now we just have to get these guys loaded up with the various objects scattered throughout our home that currently have no place to live. Where to begin ....