Monday, February 6, 2012

Vacation Jars

I got this idea from, who in turn got it from a Pottery Barn catalogue, but I am absolutely loving it. The idea is to commemorate each vacation you take by storing small mementos and souvenirs in a jar - one for each vacation. In PB and YHL, they used canning jars, but since I'm an avid candle burner, I had a lot of these pretty glass candle jars laying around the house. 

Eventually I'll label each one (maybe if I get a label maker as a birthday or Christmas present? lol) but since I've only made three, it's pretty easy to keep track of them. I still need to go through some boxes and see if I can find a few souvenirs from other trips we've taken together, but I'd say we're off to a good start.

This is our most recent trip - our honeymoon to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico. Part of the beauty of these dynamic little jars is that you can move them around to see different objects. From this angle, you can see the sand and some shells we took from the beach in Playa del Carmen, as well as an owl whistle Chris bought me at a stand outside the natural aquarium, tickets to Tulum and more.

This jar is for our vacation/wedding trip to Disney World last October. There's a champagne cork from the bottle that was waiting in our hotel room upon our arrival, my garter that Katie got me, Chris's boutonniere, park tickets, a Mickey Mouse design and more.

This sleek little jar is from our trip to New York City when we got engaged in March 2010. I like that this one has lots of sharp lines and simple objects. Even the design of it reminds me of NYC. This one has a cork from the bottle of wine we had at dinner the night Chris popped the question, the ring box, the key card to our hotel, ticket stubs to a museum and a Broadway play and more.
 Isn't that just the cutest idea? I used to always put mementos in scrapbooks or boxes that I almost never look at, but this is way better. Now we can see the souvenirs all the time and be reminded of our favorite trips together. I'm looking forward to putting together more of these vacation jars from past and future trips. I also have small- and medium-size versions of these jars, which could be cute for a weekend trip or a vacation with only a couple souvenirs.