Monday, February 27, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

Actually, I have yet to clean the windows this year, so I can't see that clearly. haha But having the window trim all painted and looking nice certainly helps improve the view. Here's what I woke up to on Sunday morning:

Yay sunshine! I finished up the painting on Saturday. I ended up doing a coat of primer and then a coat of semigloss, then I realized the oils were seeping through and discoloring the paint, so I did another coat of primer, and then another coat of semigloss. And there's still one or two spots where I can see a super slight discoloration. Next time I need to paint over wood, I plan to try painting two coats of primer first and then letting it dry for 24 hours and then one or two coats of semi gloss, depending on how well the primer covers. I think getting really good coverage with the primer is the key here.

After all the painting was finished, Chris and I spent some time Sunday afternoon putting the finishing touches on a few things. He added a metal plate to the screen door latch he installed last week, so now we finally have a screen door that will stay closed. No more kitties sneaking out! Hurrah!

And I put up the blinds on the kitchen window. I really didn't want to clutter up my pretty, newly painted window, but we just needed our privacy. Luckily, I think it turned out great and doesn't add or take away much visually. Before, the metal mini blinds that were on this window were outside mounted, which meant that they stuck out past the window frame. Plus they were broken. So it wasn't a good look.

I also adjusted the lengths of the 3 pendant lights over the sink. The angled look just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I really like the clean, straight line they make now.

Sorry for all the dishes in the picture. It's the weekend, what can I say? Also, pretend our sickly little plant has lots of lush leaves on it. Hopefully it just has the winter blues and will be perking up in a few months.

As you can see from the picture below, I went with 2" blinds, which I think is a much nicer look. Also, the blinds are made out of a very water-resistant material, so it should hold up well in the kitchen. Each slat is very thick and has a faux-wood design, which you can't really see in the pictures, but definitely makes them look a little more high end. They weren't cheap (bought at Lowes) but I definitely think it was worth the money.

I also love the inside mounting. See how they line up perfectly with the edges of the window trim? Nice and clean. And no, they didn't just happen to be the perfect length for this window. I actually had to take about 2' of slats off the bottom, which wasn't too difficult but a little tedious. Then I shortened the pull cords, scraped off the orange warning stickers and we were in business.

Now if only that dishwasher was white ...

And here's my lovely kitty assistants once more showing off the new rug. They are clearly as obsessed with it as I am.