Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Great Bookcase Project Continues (Part 3)

I'm far from finished organizing the bookshelves in the spare room, but I figured I was overdue for an update. They still look sort of messy, so I'm hoping to figure out a way to add a little calm to them, either by weeding out extra items or just making things more symmetrical. But I've added a few new things in the rest of the room, as well.

Chris and I brought his old desk down from where it was temporarily living in our bedroom and I hung our diplomas up (they've been on the floor in the living room for way too long). Although looking at this picture, I may need to center them over the desk, rather than on the wall.

Chris's crazy subwoofer now has a little cave to hide in. haha

Pay no attention to the teddy bears or the mess in the metal 3-tiered tray. Work in progress, people.
 We finally made a trip to Michaels and bought the glass, backer and hanging kit we needed to frame our wedding tree with the antique frame we used in our engagement pictures. For those who didn't attend our receptions and don't know what the wedding tree is, it's basically a print of a tree trunk and bare branches. We had our guests stamp their thumbprints around the branches to make little leaves, and then they signed their names under their thumbprints, rather than using a guest book. It turned out gorgeous!

Our wedding tree.

I still haven't attached the new latches that will hopefully hold the upper drawer in place. Right now it's basically balanced in the upright position. Also, the wizard candles may get moved elsewhere ...

This one needs some work. A little overwhelming right now.

So that's where we are right now. Definitely heading in the right direction.