Friday, February 24, 2012

Messy, But Still Progress

In addition to all the other craziness going on, Chris and I decided it was time to finally pick up the house and get it looking nice again. I took it a step further and decided to move about 75% of all the furniture in our house into a new location.

So before I reveal the pictures of the living room now, let's look back at what it looked like last week:

The mirror at the left of this picture is just temporarily hanging out there until I can find it a new home.
Since we started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, I realized that my existing computer setup where I sat on the couch and played with my monitor on a tv tray just wasn't cutting it. My shoulders and back were killing me. So we temporarily moved my writing desk into the living room in the only spot that had room: right in front of the big picture window. And by temporarily, I mean for 3 months. Yikes.

 So this week we finally got on that little issue and this is what we have now:

Much much better. I still have to change out the wall hangings and see if I can conceal the cords a little better, but it's nice that I'm no longer blocking the view and squinting into the sunlight. Sorry that I didn't stage this photo and make it look pretty like a home in a magazine. I just don't have the energy right now. But try to visualize it without all the clutter and I think you'll be impressed. haha

Chris promises me he'll take the blue computer downstairs as soon as he finishes backing it up. We'll see. lol
 We finally got our wedding pictures up on the wall.

I got rid of the end tables (one which was made of a stack of books, haha) so now either side of the couch is open and airy. I might like to get a large basket with a lid to store the extra blankets when not in use for the right side of the couch though.

The other end table got moved over here and is now a printer table for Chris. I just didn't have anywhere else to put it, so we'll see how that works out.

But at least the window is clear again. It's nice to get a little light in here.