Monday, January 7, 2013

A Few More Michigan Pictures

As if two Michigan Christmases and a wedding weren't enough to take pictures of, I have just a few more pics to share of our week in Michigan (and the return home to New York).
Our adventure began on Friday, December 21st, when my best friend Katie Loring joined me, Chris, and my mom for a trip to Sandhill Crane Winery for lunch and wine tasting. Yum!

I also went to Scrupples Salon to get a haircut before the wedding rehearsal. And Chris and I were so happy to see that it was finally snowing! We hadn't had much snow in New York so far, so we were thrilled by the possibility of a white Christmas.

We also celebrated my dad's birthday while we were out there. We went out to Hardknock Cafe and were entertained by Hadley's many funny faces.

But I did pull my camera away from that adorable girl to take some pictures of the rest of the family too.

A couple days later, we headed back to New York, unsure what we were coming home to. The Weather Channel had said Syracuse was getting a bit of snow, but we were hopeful that we'd be able to just get home and deal with it the next day after some rest.

No such luck.

As it turned out, we got so much snow that we couldn't get the Juke in the driveway. In fact, there was no driveway. It was all snow!
So despite having a cold and being exhausted from the nine-hour drive, my darling Chris trekked into the house in his sneakers, got his snow gear on, and headed out to the garage to find the snowblower, just so we could pull the car in and unpack. Craziness.

I promise I didn't leave Christ to fend for himself, though. After snapping a couple pictures, I too put on my snow gear and began shoveling the front and back stairs and walkways.

But then, just as we were cursing our luck, a belated Christmas miracle happened. Our neighbor across the street drove over in his plow truck! He said his daughter had looked out the window and saw us trying to dig our way to the house and told him to come help us out! How thoughtful is that?

So he used the plow to clear out most of the snow so we just had to use the shovel and snowblower to finish up. What a lifesaver!

So after all that craziness was over, we finally got to unpack the car and collapse on the couch. And guess who was waiting for us, ready to warm our feet and purr louder than a snowblower: the one and only Meowface. And finally, we were happy to be home.