Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cara George & Carl Brown's Wedding

On December 23rd, 2012, my buddy Cara George (my friend since middle school and former bridesmaid in my wedding back in 2011) married Carl Brown (also a friend from school). The following is the best representation of the day that I could come up with. I gathered pictures from several different cameras, including my sister-in-laws. There are also some pretty funny photobooth pictures you can check out here but unfortunately, as of right now, it looks like the photo company didn't post all the pictures from that night. But you can still check out the ones they did put on their site.
The brides and bridemaids started off the day early, with hair appointments at 9am. We split up for makeup, and you can see my best friend Katie Loring showing off her mad makeup skills on fellow bridesmaid Kristin Wyers.


Kristin and Lauren Gunther working on makeup and having a morning drink to kick off the day.

After hair and makeup, we met up with Cara and her maid of honor, Shana, at the church. We got our dresses on, reapplied hairspray, nearly suffocated from all the hairspray, had some pictures taken, more hairspray, ceremony, more hairspray ... you get the idea.

Me and Lauren showing off the pockets on our dresses. The other girls were so jealous!

In between all the craziness, a few of us may have wandered off and found something to keep us warm out in the cold. Shh! Don't tell the bride!

Looks like it did the trick!

Here's Cara in her white cape that she wore for the outdoor pictures. Perhaps a more appropriate way to stay warm than shots if tequila ...

I didn't get any pictures of the actual ceremony, but I did have the honor of reading a poem for the wedding that I wrote for Cara and Carl, so I'll put that in here instead.

The Love Song of Cara and Carl
This is the love song of Cara and Carl.
It’s with them wherever they go
As long as they go together.
Their song is the engine purring
As they hit 127 headed north.
And it’s the first three chords to “Free”
As the Zac Brown Band begins to play.
It’s the crackle of the campfire
As she tosses wood on the pile.
It’s the zip of the tent
Before he snuggles into the sleeping bag.
It’s the roaring crowd as the Tigers begin to rally
Late in the game, when everything counts.
It’s the crack of Prince Fielder’s bat
Right before you know it’s outta here.
Their song is the long-awaited click
As he unlocks the apartment door after work.
It’s the padding of her feet
As she goes to meet him with open arms.
It’s the low, rolling thunder
When they’re curled up on the couch.
It’s the pitter patter of rain outside
So soothing as she sleeps beside him.
This is the love song of Cara and Carl.
It’s with them wherever they go
As long as they go together.
Familiar sounds and steady rhythms
Two hearts beating together
For as long as they both shall live.

So after the ceremony and a ton more pictures, we headed over to Daryl's Downtown for the reception. Cara surprised us with the oversized sunglasses that we had to wear to make our big entrance.

Personally, I was just happy to be reunited with my hubby after being away from him all day!

But I did take some time for a few photo ops with friends. :-)

And some time for dancing!

Then of course, there was the garter and bouquet toss. The guy who caught the garter wandered off, so there was a little intermission before he put it on Diane Bell's leg (our friend who caught the bouquet).

But eventually, she had her glory.

Katie with Eldon and Mollie Behm.

Me and my bro.

Cara also called all the Class of 2004 East Jackson graduates out on the floor for a big group picture near the end of the night.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the photobooth pictures, courtesy of Pro Fun DJs, for more awesome pictures like these: