Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zoo Date

Last weekend, my darling husband Chris took me on a date to the zoo. My favorite! This was our first time visiting Rosamond Gifford Zoo in the winter - we usually go in the summer. So it was neat seeing the animals with snow, but they were all pretty much as sleepy as usual. haha It was also surprisingly warm for January - about 50 degrees, so most people were walking around with just sweatshirts on.
Anyway, without further ado, here's a little sampling of our zoo visit.

The penguins were in the process of molting, so they couldn't go in the water like usual.

Ring-tailed lemur.

All three lions hanging out.

A very dangerous staring contest.

We found Nemo and his dad!


Two baby snow leopards were born at the zoo last June, but I guess we waited too long to see them when they were tiny.

Barking Deer.

These two weren't speaking to each other.

Notice the "You are here" text in the Atlantic Ocean. This made us laugh because no matter where in the world we were standing reading this sign, it would always be wrong.