Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Christmases in New York

Chris and I celebrated Christmas a grand total of four times this year. Yup. Four. We kicked off the merriment over at Chris's dad's house, where we exchanged gifts with some of the family since we wouldn't be around for their usual Christmas Eve fete. I was naughty and forgot to take pictures that weekend, but we were really happy we got to squeeze in that celebration with Chris's family.
Our next Christmas celebration took place at our house, where Chris and I gave each other gifts (and a few for the kitties). We ended up exchanging gifts on December 18th, which I know sounds weird, but it was the last night we were going to be home before Christmas (besides the 19th, when we would be busy packing for our trip to Michigan).

I was totally psyched to receive this paint chip deck from Benjamin Moore. We don't have a BM store around here, so I can't go and pick up their paint chips for free. So this has hundreds of gorgeous colors that I can get color-matched at Lowes or Home Depot, which are all over here.

Having no one but the kitties around, we had to try to commemorate our celebration by taking a slightly-off center and unflattering self portrait, as seen below. haha

And then of course, I had to grab Meowface for a picture together. He never seems happy in pictures with me. Hmm, perhaps he doesn't like getting scooped up and held up like a human?

The kitties received a new catnip toy from Santa Claws (hee hee) that the all enjoyed, especially Zoro.

The kitties also loved romping around in the discarded wrapping paper ... again, especially Zoro. He kept diving into the middle of the pile and popping out at different spots.

We also gave the kitties a little tent to play in, which everyone was curious and excited about ... once again, especially Zoro. But even Shadow came out of hiding to give the tent a good sniff.

Some of my other favorite presents from Chris (besides the hilarious and adorable kitty calendar he makes me every year) were the artwork he bought from There are a lot of sellers out there that make unique and interesting prints, like the ones below. I'll post a followup with some pictures once I get everything in frames and on the walls. :-)

Stay tuned for pictures from Christmas celebrations three and four!