Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Michigan Christmas Celebrations

In Michigan, Chris and I got to spend Christmas with my family for the first time in three years. My mom took us to the drive-thru light show at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, which was nice because we missed our usual outing to Lights on the Lake at Onondaga Lake Park in NY.

We found Sanata at the Nite Lites Christmas Drive-Thru Light Show
On Christmas Eve, we all headed over to my grandma's house for dinner and presents with the whole family.

My mom, my neice Hadley, and my dad enjoying the Christmas spirit.
It took a while for Hadley to warm up to the other kids over there. She sure is a daddy's girl, as demonstrated by the picture below. haha But she did end up playing a few games of Ring Around the Rosy with her second cousins.

My grandma, eyeing up a cat statue.

All the kids, just starting to rip into their presents.

On Christmas day, Adam, Andrea and Hadley came over to my parents for our fourth and final Christmas celebration. As usual, Hadley looked adorable with a pretty dress and headband on.

I think we were all most excited to see Hadley receive her big present from Nana and Papa: her very own dollhouse that they made her!

She didn't give us much of a reaction, but the fact that she wouldn't stop playing with it to look at the camera seemed like she really loved it. She especially seemed to like the miniature dog on the bed, which looked just like my parent's dog, Bruiser.

Hadley giving Nana a thank-you hug.


Eventually she did give us a big smile while sitting with her momma on the couch.

Another exciting present that day was the remote-controlled helicopter my parents gave Chris. It even shot missiles (yes, I took one in the eye while Chris was still learning to steer). haha Hadley and Bruiser were equally enthralled by the helicopter.

And yes, that is A Christmas Story on the tv. :-)
So there you have it. Four Christmases for 2012. And Chris and I just want to thank everyone for spending time with us and for all the wonderful gifts! It was so great getting to see everyone this year!