Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chris's Birthday Power Hour

I'm a little behind on posts, so let's get started. Chris recently turned the big 3-2 and we celebrated in style. First up, his dad, Aunt Lynn, and Lisa came out to take us to dinner and they brought a chocolate cake, too. Yum!
The next day, I threw Chris a birthday bash. We started the night by shutting him in his room and creating a balloon avalanche when he opened the door. We also took this opportunity to decorate for the party as well.
I made or bought Chris 32 birthday cards and hung them all on the wall. He had to wait for his actual birthday to open them up, though.
Our friend Ali helped me create this delicious spread for the guests. Lots of chopping.
My favorite part was the cheese fortresses Ali put together. haha
And let's not forget the slight pirate theme we worked in. Arrrr.
Of course, the main event was the Power Hour. We used the DVD of 1-minute clips that Chris made in college and busted out the cheap beer and plastic shot glasses. And marked our shots glasses with adorable Halloween stickers, of course.
Even Oreo joined in on the fun. No beer for kitties, though!
Not sure what this one was about ...
At the end of the hour, we had put away quite a few beers. Four people actually managed to do the whole thing. And another 4 or 5 of us came pretty close. All in all, it was a ton of fun and I'm so glad out friends could come out and celebrate Chris's birthday with us. :-)
But, since Chris's actual birthday wasn't for another couple days, I kept the party going and bought him a delicious ice cream cake. It didn't take us long to finish this little guy off. And yes, those were trick candles I put on his cake. Because you're never too old to look like a fool.