Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving in Michigan

Chris and I recently made the nine-hour drive out to visit my family in Michigan. We hung out for a week and had a delicious Thanksgiving meal with them. We also did a few other fun things with them, like visiting Sandhill Crane Winery.
And decorating mini Christmas trees with Hadley. I found a bunch of my old jewelry and my mom and Andrea donated some of theirs so we could decorate them. It was a fun little activity and a pretty good ice breaker with Hadley. She's always pretty shy when she first sees us.
But shortly after that, Chris put on a puppet show for her and we got in a tissue fight, so she was loving us.
Adam and Andrea also took us to lunch at Koto and to see Hunger Games for Chris's birthday. Those hibachi chefs sure love to squirt ya with saki.

The main event, of course, was Thanksgiving. We had a delicious feast with So. Much. Food.
Hadley and Reese had their own little kids table.
Grey was the official color of this gathering.
Sue with baby Izzie.
Check out the world's tallest wine bottle on the table there.
After the meal, everyone curled up and checked out the ads.
Asher bounced back pretty quickly though and showed us his handsome smile.

And of course, there was a little roughhousing with my dad, Hadley and Bruiser.
On our last night, Adam and Andrea had some people over and we played games and drank. Nana offered to take Miss Hadley for the night. She was delighted.

Here's Asher sporting a little sweater we bought him a few months ago.
We also got to see Nick and Emily's new kitten, Lovey. She was darling.
One other fun adventure was going over to Marshall to do a little shopping and eating at the Dark Horse Brewery. The brewery's ceiling was totally covered in ceramic mugs which people can purchase like a membership.
Hadley and Asher were so good at the brewery. And we all enjoyed the delicious pizza.
Chris and I also hung out with my friends Katie, Cara and Carl, but I guess I forgot to take pictures of that. Oops!

Anyway, it was a good trip. Thanks to everyone for having us and trying to keep us entertained!