Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Decorations 2013

With less than 2 weeks until Christmas, it's time I share some of the holiday decorations I've been putting up around the house. I love how cozy and sweet Christmas decorations can make any house feel.

The very first decoration I put up was this wreath that my mom made. She gave it to me while we were out visiting for Thanksgiving. It's so gorgeous and looks so great on our red front door.
Still gotta get rid of that extra set of house numbers on the siding ...
Last year I made a pretty red wreath to hang on our bright green front door. It looked fabulous, but obviously a red wreath on the newly painted red door wasn't going to work. So I'm super grateful to my mom for this gorgeous wreath.

And happily, I found a new home for the red wreath from last year. Our back door is still bright green, so it's a perfect fit.
As always, the outside of our house looks like the Vegas strip, only with more colors. haha Chris and I are not subtle people ...
And this guy is always so cute waiting at the mailbox for Christmas cards and packages to arrive.
Inside I managed to add a little bit of classiness to the house. This garland of white lights over the door is so pretty, and our traditional stockings are cute enough to hang on the wall without a mantel.
This year, I hung my Christmas banner my mom made in the window behind the Christmas tree, and it definitely adds some wow factor to the tree. Love it. And it ties in nicely with the garland on the tree that's made out of red wooden balls.
Another gift from my mom: this pretty garland that I hung along the stairs. I bought white ribbon from JoAnne's to secure it, and then added a few wooden Christmas figurines that my mom thought were creepy and was going to throw out. haha One woman's creepy is another woman's vintage.
Not so creepy ...
Ok, maybe a little creepy, but in a good way?
We also put out our Christmas card holder, which is rocking out with two whole cards. lol Maybe this is punishment for not sending out cards last year...
I also love swapping out the couch pillows for some cozy holiday ones. The plaid ones are fleece and sooo soft, and the grey one is a new purchase from Target. It's just so cute! If you love the look of the tree on the car, HGTV magazine talked about making an ornament out of a sisal tree (for Christmas villages) and a die-cast car. They just tied the tree on with a ribbon and tied another ribbon loop to hang it. So simple and super sweet.
On a less sweet but much funnier note, we saw this little sheep at the Christmas tree farm and Chris just had to have it. haha We also have a little collection of Christmas-themed candles, like Santa here, that we sprinkle throughout the house to add some cheer.

Next year I think I'd like to group them all together somewhere to make a little more impact with them. But this year, it's fun to walk into the bathroom and see a little wax reindeer on the windowsill. haha
The little drummer boy is hanging out with the suspense/thriller section of my home library. (Anyone else organize their books by genre?)
I also put up the ornament clusters on each side of the doorway again. Although this year, I had a little accident and the one on the left is missing two gold ornaments ... oops.

Is it just me or is my dining starting to look like a greenhouse in this picture?
So that's the decorations tour. Not as many decorations as we have for Halloween, (see those posts here and here), but we'll get there eventually.

Now, to finish up the Christmas presents. I've been having a blast wrapping presents this year with ribbons and baker's twine and a mess of other trim. So perhaps a post about making wrapped presents look gorgeous is in order...