Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Since we trade off every year on which family we spend Christmas with, Chris and I don't have a lot of holiday traditions that we experience each Christmas. Sometimes we're in Michigan for Christmas, sometimes in the capital region of New York, and once we actually woke up in our own bed on Christmas morning.

The one thing we've been able to enjoy every single year since moving to Syracuse is picking out our real live Christmas tree. And every year except last year we've even cut it down ourselves. (Last year there was no snow when the time came to get a tree, so we decided to skip the 45 minute drive to our usual Christmas tree farm for someplace closer). But this year the snow was falling and we were excited to continue our single Christmas tradition.

Every year we go to Beckwith's Family Christmas Tree Farm. You get to ride in a wagon out to the field and pick out the perfect tree. Then you cut it down and wait for the wagon to come back and get you. Although each year that wagon ride gets shorter and shorter, so we may try out a new place next year with a bigger selection of trees.

But this year, we enjoyed the tradition.
The snow started falling just for us as we rode out to the field. The weekend before we went had been the busy weekend, so we basically had the place to ourselves.
It didn't take too long before we found a winner. This guy was coming home with us.
Something about being pulled by a tractor in the middle of the woods just says Christmas to me. Maybe I've heard "over the river and through the woods" one too many times.
Once we got back to the barn, we couldn't help wondering who picked out the tree on the right. And what their mansion with 20-foot ceilings looked like. haha
Isn't this just a perfect little view? Red tractor, Christmas trees, and a caboose to boot.

The caboose is actually a little store where they sell ornaments and wreaths and you pay for your tree. Each year we pick out one (or two or three) cute ornaments to add to the tree. This year's ornament was a fox, to commemorate my zombie fox costume, as well as the hilarious and popular "What does the fox say" video.
When we got home though, I was a little worried we had made a big ole mistake with this tree. Is it supposed to be all lopsided like that? Aren't they normally pretty straight?
But, as the saying goes, you can't judge a tree when it's bailed ... or something like that. Once we cut the ropes and got it fluffed and decorated, we were happy to discover we had another beautiful tree this year. The tradition lives on.